Ajman Free Zone Authority

Ajman Free Zone

One of the oldest Free Zones in the UAE – the Ajman Free Zone (AFZ) was established in 1988, leading to a massive industrial development by engaging a great number of companies to benefit from the investment privileges. Ajman Free Zone thereby strengthened industry, trade, and the financial sector in the UAE at its early stages. The Ajman Free Zone provides you with the opportunity to find benefits of Ajman Port, serving over 1000 vessels in a year, has emerged as an important maritime focal point today. With WIS Consultancy, you can become one of the Ajman free zone companies that have all the tools necessary to succeed.

Strategically situated at the entrance of the Arabian Gulf, Ajman Free Zone is well placed to serve the eastern and western trade markets. At WIS Consultancy, we help you estimate the Ajman free zone company setup cost along with assisting you in getting a general trading license in Ajman and other types of licenses, allowed to be established with the authority. The Ajman Free Zone is an emerging free zone in the UAE and with our help, you can get the right Ajman free zone visa for your corporate needs.

Ajman free zone today has approximately 256 industrial firms which constitute 20% of the total number of industrial units in the UAE and ranks third among all the Emirates. Goods from Ajman are exported to over 65 countries. With the contribution of more than 50 companies, established with the assistance of WIS Consultancy, Ajman Free Zone has become one of the most desirable directions in the UAE.


  • 100% foreign ownership
  • No paid-up share capital requirements
  • Physical presence in the UAE not required for incorporation
  • No NOC requirement from current visa sponsor
  • Low start-up and operational costs
  • No mandatory office rental requirements
  • No visa restrictions
  • No annual audit requirement
  • No currency restrictions
  • Access to state-of-the-art facilities

With the right support and guidance, Ajman Free Zone company registration is easy. If you’re looking to start your business, here’s everything you need to know.

Why do business in Ajman?

There are a number of reasons why international entrepreneurs should consider setting up in Ajman. As mentioned previously, the emirate benefits from a strategic location with great access to its surrounding emirates and beyond – the Ajman and Khorfakkan ports are in close proximity as are both the Dubai International and Sharjah International airports.

Ajman also offers low start-up costs, welcoming business regulation, and plenty of affordable labour.


Commercial License: Licenses that grant the capability to import, export, and distribute entertainment products throughout the UAE.

Industrial/Manufacture License: Licenses providing necessary manufacturing facilities within the free zone for holders to accomplish multiple functions including the imports of raw materials, the manufacture of listed goods, and the export of products abroad.

Services License: Licenses authorizing corporations to operate the services listed on the license contract clause.

E-commerce License: A license category, specific to companies carrying out business in electronic trading activities, allowing businesses to leverage the growth potential of e-commerce across B2C and B2B opportunities.

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Ajman Free Zone

Advantages of Setting Up a Business in Ajman Free Zone

The strategic and cost-effective location of this free zone makes it attractive for investors around the world to invest in different sectors and also for the business community to start their new ventures. Ajman Free Zone companies enjoy the following benefits:

  1. Commercial Benefits
  • Companies in Ajman Free Zone enjoy total exemption from customs duty for goods and services
  • Foreign companies can have 100% ownership
  • Provision of 100% repatriation of capital and profits
  • No red tape
  • Liberal economic policies and legal framework
  • Labor cost is low
  1. Tax Benefits
  • Corporate tax is fully exempted for companies
  • Personal income tax is also exempted
  • Total exemption even on import-export tax
  1. Environmental Benefits
  • Ajman Free Zone Authority has set business-friendly laws for companies
  • The process for setting up a business in Ajman Free Zone is easy and cost-efficient
  • The immigration process is simplified and quick for workers
  • AFZA has provided single-window clearance for multiple government services like licensing, visa services, immigration, etc.
  1. Infrastructural Benefits
  • Companies enjoy land leasing for 20 years, renewable for another 20 years
  • The energy supply is abundant and cheap
  • No hidden charges
  • Ajman Free Zone has pre-built offices, smart offices, and warehouses to facilitate companies
  1. Other Benefits
  • No currency restrictions
  • No quotas or foreign exchange controls
  • Companies have 24-hour security service
  • Simple staffing and recruitment procedure for employment by companies
  • Companies have access to other services like bank, postal, and advanced communication facility

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Ajman Free Zone Authority always has the following facilities on the list:

  • Flexi–desks – available without monthly time limits
  • Offices
  • Warehouses

Flexi-desks and offices can be either located within the free zone headquarters or in a separate tower nearby.

The warehouse complex has significantly grown and covers all the area around Ajman Sea Port.

Customs and Immigration office is just across the road from Ajman Free Zone.


Ajman company formation can be done within 1 working day.

The following documents and information will be required:

  • Passport copy
  • Passport size photo
  • Residential address, phone number, and email
  • Company name
  • Business activity

You can hire business setup consultants in Dubai for your Ajman free zone company registration. It can be done without your visit to the free zone.

After the company is registered you will receive your set of corporate documents:

  • License
  • Chamber of commerce registration certificate
  • Lease agreement
  • Memorandum (for companies with multiple partners)

These documents will enable you to apply for a corporate bank account in Dubai.


The procedure of getting a resident visa under your own free zone company is almost the same in all the free zones:

  1. Business registration 1 day
  2. Establishment card (immigration card) 10 days
  3. Entry visa 5 days
  4. Medical check-up, Emirates ID, and visa stamping 5 days
  5. Emirates ID – 7 days from the date of visa stamping

If you processed your resident visa while being in the UAE as a tourist, you will need to change your status from tourist to resident after the entry visa is issued.

Ajman visa costs 2,800 AED including a Medical checkup and Emirates ID. They need to be done only in the Emirate of Ajman.


The company renewal cost will be exactly the same as registration fees.

Renewal can be done without the personal visit of the owner. Upon renewal you will receive:

  • New license
  • Renewed lease agreement
  • Renewed Chamber of commerce certificate

The audit report is not required.


Amendments usually need to be done personally by company owners, but there is an option to authorize their representative too.

AFZA has very reasonable fees for any amendments, ranging around 500 AED to 2000 AED.


Company closure in AFZA is also a rather low cost and easy to perform. You will need to get a few clearances first:

  • From the bank that the account is closed
  • From Ajman, maintenance department of you rented a facility

You also have to close all resident visas in the company prior to its cancellation.

Liquidation can be done by the owner or his representative holding a Power of Attorney. All original company documents need to be given back to Ajman free zone. If you lose them, you need to go to Police and get a report about that.

The liquidation takes about 1 month, after which you receive an official deregistration letter.

If any deposits were made under the company, you will get a refund after the liquidation is finished.

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